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28 Aug

Our staff will guide you to the best places to have fun and excitement.

Your tour will start off with our staff picking you up at the airport.

On your first day our staff will take you on a city tour.

This will give you a great opportunity to see how incredible Bangkok is.

That evening you will attend the first social where you will meet some of the most beautiful and sincere women of Thailand .

On Saturday morning we will have a walking & Metro tour; showing how to easily get around the city using the Sky Train.

We will have staff on hand to show you the best restaurants & nightclubs in the city.

The hardline republican was detained by detectives last year in connection with the Good Friday gangland assassination of ex-Continuity IRA chief Tommy Crossan in Belfast.

He was later freed without charge and contacted this newspaper to brand his arrest a “joke”.

Replying to one pal who described his new pop star love as “gorgeous”, Diver said: “Every women I have ever been with has been beautifull....looks are least important in a relationship it’s respect and how u treat eachover. Miss Kan is the latest in a long line of Thai beauties the mankini-wearing dissident has been romancing since fleeing to Bangkok in Thailand in December.

Since moving to his Thai hideaway, he has been a regular on the south-east Asian party circuit, posting regular updates and snaps living it up in the Thai capital.