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25 Aug

I learnt, quickly, that everything is possible in Iran, that this is a country which is emerging, blinking into the light as the country begins to open up to international trade and the prospects of tourism. Want to learn how to travel long-term and earn money online? To find out more about my Iranian adventures, be sure to check out my backpacking Iran destination guide. Currently, Will is on a four year journey from the UK to Papua New Guinea; travelling through truly special countries such as Iran, Pakistan and Bhutan whilst running his businesses online.When I went to Iran, I truly had no idea what to expect; I was half expecting to see bearded fellows brandishing guns, muzzles flashing into the sky, although I was, of course, aware that this was not an accurate depiction of the country at all. She had to leave, of course, and I had plans to check out Iranian Kurdistan. We parted ways, unsure if we would see each other again.

It had taken four days of hitchhiking to get to Tehran and I was still getting used to a country where I had yet to see another backpacker.

We visited pristine beaches and splendid mosques, ruined cities and bustling bazaars. Conqueror of mountains, survivor of deserts and crusader for cheap escapades.

At every turn I was amazed by the kindness and hospitality of the people; free food, free rides and, often, a free place to sleep. For me, there was one place in Iran which offered a truly untapped adventure, the volcanic island of Hormuz, way off the south coast, a place in no guidebook, a place known only to a few. Later, we would cross back to Iran for a big, fat, Persian wedding. Will has been on the road for nine years, travelling to far-flung lands on a budget. He is passionate about teaching others how to ditch their desks, hit the road and achieve real freedom by earning money online.

, of her career as a dentist, of her hopes that a softening of laws and attitudes is coming to Iran.

I told her about my current three year trip across the world, of my upcoming adventures in Pakistan, my plan to sail a raft along The Philippines and Indonesia to Papua New Guinea.