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03 Mar

“I mean the one time, one time, I really dropped my guard was at Brown when I got drunk at a frat party, and I ended up shagging a cute guy in the bath.The next day, it seemed like everyone in the entire university was talking about it.Forget doing what you and your friend did, could you imagine what would happen if I did what Shay Mitchell did?Going topless at a nude beach.” “Those pics would be all over forum boards across the internet before you could but your top back on” I said feeling sympathetic for the actress.“Yeah, I think I’ve seen most of your stuff.” “Ah, finally a fan who finally doesn’t only want to talk about Harry Potter.” Emma face really britten with a big smile and she also suddenly seemed more relaxed. “I don’t know.” I took a step over to the side of the elevator and pressed the call button hoping there’d be someone there to tell us what’s going on. When she asked why I was in town I was less specific.That all changed quickly as the elevator shook and came to a stop with all the lights went out except for the emergency power lights. I told her I had spent the last week in Miami and I had decided to make a pit stop in Atlanta to visit a friend, a friend I was riding up the elevator to see. What I didn’t tell Emma was that the friend was Natalie Alyn Lind, who was finishing shooting the first season of The Gifted, and who yesterday had my cock wedged up her pussy before the limo she had picked me up in had even made it off the airport property.It was part of the reason I ended up having to drop out of school.” “Damn.” “Yeah and now a days, if I ever show a bit of sexuality I’m suddenly a hypocrite. The guy working on the generator said it will be another 60 to 90 minutes, so you two just hold on a bit longer.

She then texted me back a picture of her with a sad face and also a message that because of the storm they had to change the show’s shooting schedule and she now needs to leave in and hour or two.She didn’t really respond at first, letting me kiss her, but soon she pushed me away. ” “Yes” “So what would be crazier than having sex in a hotel elevator?Plus with the power out there are no cameras to record it and we know this thing isn’t going anywhere for at least an hour.I grabbed my phone back and saw that the new text was a picture of Natalie’s topless breast with the message ‘hopefully you get out of there soon, I want to feel you shoot your load all over my titties before I leave’.I couldn’t help it as a little groan escape my lips as I looked at the picture. “Even I have to admit those things are exquisite, and I’m kind of jealous.” I almost said something about Emma’s breast having seen the nip slip photos and the recent leaks of her in the bathtub, but I quickly caught my tongue before saying anything. What I mean is that she gets to be hot and famous, but not so famous that she can still get to enjoy being young and crazy. Because of Harry Potter I was under a microscope most of my life and almost everywhere I go people recognize me.