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29 Jul

Each new year brings opportunities for change and growth. With the passing of my mother this December, my family and the Salimpour School have already experienced a big shift.And [...] Happy New Year from the Salimpour School!For Belle, Manca gives her a little accompaniment in the form of Lumiere, her candelabra friend.She goes on to explain that dancing with the shamadan on your head is very advanced, and is usually used in the zeffeh, or wedding procession.

Many of her fans wanted to know about her and her life. It also included videos in which she participated in the trends challenges.They consider themselves as the biggest fans of hers.Lea too posts her reaction videos in which she reacts to other You Tube videos and footages.Esmerelda, the gypsy from the Hunchback of Notre Dame, is not one of the official princesses, but she danced her way into our hearts and Manca knows it.The artist stays true to Esmerelda's roots and gives her a gypsy style dance, which she calls the "classic". Manca gives Elsa wings, modeled after the Egyptian Goddess, Isis.