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03 Apr

"Not only will this make lawsuits as convenient as online shopping, but it will also give online shopping the same degree of judicial protection as consumption at bricks-and-mortar stores." The court will handle cases such as online trade disputes, copyright lawsuits and product liability claims for online purchases.

China is home to the world's largest number of Internet users - 731 million at the end of last year - and e-commerce is a vital part of the government's efforts to turn China into an economy driven by consumer demand.

A small team within Skype developed the video-chat app during the past six months, officials said.

The intention of the application is to address the part of the mobile market that is moving away from scheduled, one-to-one communications, said Principal Program Manager Lead Dan Chastney.

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A few months before Microsoft bought Skype, Skype itself bought video-messaging vendor Qik for 0 million back in 2011.

The message will be waiting once the app is installed.

The short Qik messages -- up to 42 seconds in length -- self-destruct (like Snapchat, ) after two weeks.

The new app, Skype Qik, is available worldwide in 21 languages for all three platforms.

All three versions of the app are free (and ad-free) and are downloadable from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Windows Phone Store.