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19 Feb

Alternatively, a JOIN can be used to return each product s supplier and category name.Add the following code to the Employees BLLWith Sprocs class.As with all rules, there are specific situations where one may deviate from them.With the Table Adapter s initial configuration complete, we augmented the Select Command stored procedure to use a JOIN and re-ran the Table Adapter Configuration wizard to update the Employees Data Table s columns.

Click on the Table Adapter and then go to the Properties window.

The Products table has JOIN s before exploring how to create a Table Adapter that includes JOIN s in its main query.

Searching on the secondary index is fast because it uses a presorted list, but still points back to the record using the primary key to retrieve all of the record s other fields.

Then, in Step 2, we will update the main query stored procedure to retrieve the manager s name via a JOIN..

, we can track the data properly without updating more than one table.