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07 Feb

After a few seconds I got off of her and she put her bra and shirt back on.

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Her eyes dropped and tears instantly started falling from her face.And you never know what some boys could do to a girl who is drunk, especially one as beautiful as you sweetie.”“Yeah that is a good point daddy, so how do I find out my limits?”“Well it’s important for you to find out your limits in a safe place.” I got out some cans of beer “so I want you to drink these and see how your body responds.”I gave her a beer. I nodded my head and slowly she opened it and took a sip.“Go on sweetie, I got plenty more where that came from.”After she drank the can I gave her another. ” “Pretty good still.” She said “Ok then we will keep on going.Drink another one while I go and get some stronger stuff.” I came back with a bottle of Vodka and some pop. She drank it slow.“Mmm, this tastes good, much better than beer.” She said After another drink she started getting pretty hammered.