Updating my blackberry software

31 Jul

I did & he deleted my client lists and the q10 database. but can still use any level they currently have to sanction.First you’ll need to install Black Berry® Desktop Manager, if you haven’t already done this.

Using Blackberry Smartphone Using Blackberry Desktop Manager Troubleshooting Blackberry Updates Community Q&A Updating your Blackberry’s software will allow you to enjoy the latest features and enhancements released to Blackberry OS.

Black Berry Desktop Manager isn’t an essential part of the process, but it will make managing your device a lot easier.

Once you’ve downloaded and installed the latest versions, it’s time to start updating your phone.

You can find the latest version on the Black Berry Device Software site.

Before you start though I’d recommend that you check the following: *Internet Explorer is needed to download latest version of Black Berry Firmware.