Dexter dating deb real life

07 Mar

"To have life come at you in such a big way, from the second Michael was diagnosed until we finally heard the doctors say he's going to be okay, was beyond anything I've ever experienced," she says.

Hall) comes with a Dark Passenger who, yes, is a serial killer.

"That's going to be bit of a monkey wrench for a time for him." Beyond that, La Guerta (Lauren Velez) discovered the Dexter's blood slide from Travis' murder at the church and reclaims it after Masuka tells her that the only person from Miami Metro to use blood slides for crime scenes was her old friend Sgt.

James Doakes, aka whom everyone thinks was the Bay Harbor Butcher.

All this after years of Dexter's murderous scalpeling, mini-sawing and hypodermic needling. To hide his hair loss during treatment, Hall wore a knit hat at the Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Awards last year, where he won best actor in a drama.

"I honestly don't know how these characters experience what they experience without ending up in mental institutions," Carpenter says. His cancer is now in remission and the couple is feeling better than ever, Carpenter says.