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09 Apr

Other Adult SMS or Sexy SMS Jokes include: violence, particularly domestic abuse, excessive swearing or profanity.Sexy SMS Jokes are not suitabe to be viewed or listen by any unmatured person.What is an Acronym An Acronym is a word formed from the initial letters of a name much like an abbreviation or text shortcut, such as LOL, which means Laughing out loud, and can also mean Lots of Luck.Another example many teens often use is the abbreviations "POS " - parent(s) over shoulder, or "PAL" - Parents Are Listening, to indicate to the chat recipient that they are unable to talk because a parent is present.It would have been OK till the time you were just friends but now its getting more than that, so watch out.The mother tongue of the majority of people of Andhra Pradesh, it is also spoken in the neighbouring states of Chattisgarh, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Orissa and Tamil Nadu. DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): okayanup (12/7/2006 PM): accepted? DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): okay DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): *muah*anup (12/7/2006 PM): thanksanup (12/7/2006 PM): muahanup (12/7/2006 PM): hey sexy! DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): got no choice..i took a long leave last week..cause of kdanup (12/7/2006 PM): hows she? DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): its okay..thought about it too that u had fallen asleep DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): missed you jaan DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): it said request is pendinganup (12/7/2006 PM): but i dont have any request hereanup (12/7/2006 PM): i got it i got it! DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): okay..i'll miss you DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): *muah*DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): hey can we make 12-6-06 official?

DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): i told you someone deleted all my contactsanup (12/7/2006 PM): liar. DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): am notanup (12/7/2006 PM): add me DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): accept my request DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): *muah*anup (12/7/2006 PM): i didnt get it! DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): yeah DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): except "thai"DAPHNE (12/7/2006 PM): lolanup (12/7/2006 PM): why? Some quotes I like "Being single is not about being alone but being free to discover who you are as a person! ALL MY PICS ARE RECENT UPDATE I get this question a lot "why are you still single and still on this site?""When you are responsible for your own smile you dont have to worry about anybody taking it away! " Well heres the answer I believe that you should be happy with yourself before you can make anyone else happy! It is one of the twenty-two scheduled languages of the Republic of India and was conferred the status of a Classical language by the Government of India.Visit this page for Telugu Jokes, Telugu Love SMS, Telugu Funny SMS, Telugu Friendship SMS, Comedy Telugu SMS, Romantic Telugu SMS, Teasing Telugu SMS, SMS and Jokes in Telugu, Funny Telugu SMS and Poems, Telugu Shayari, Telugu Peotry, Telugu Stories.