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21 Aug

He will report to prison June 24, where he can hang out with his old boss, former narcotics division head Lt.William White, who is doing 38 months for corruption.William Ferguson got hammered so hard because he turned down a plea deal that involved testifying against his brother John, who was also convicted in the ring and is currently doing eight years.[Ed: Ferguson's century-long sentence seems troubling for multiple reasons.-DB] In Atlanta, another Atlanta narc has been sentenced to prison in the killing of Kathryn Johnston.Atlanta Police Officer Arthur Tesler was sentenced Tuesday to four years and nine months for lying to investigators about the November 2006 drug raid that resulted in the death of the 92-year-old woman.

The intoxication lasts two to three hours, but accompanying effects on motor control last much longer.

' Below A weekly look at Law enforcement ' lack or abuse of it' from the good old USA as supplied by our friends at A Connecticut prison guard gets busted, a pair of JFK airport Customs inspectors do too, an Arizona Border Patrol agent cops a plea, and a Connecticut narc heads to prison. In Hartford, Connecticut, a prison guard was arrested last week in a state police sting operation after agreeing to smuggle heroin and a cell phone into a Suffield prison for an inmate.

Corrections officer Connie Atkins, 43, met with an undercover police officer posing as a drug connection in Hartford on May 21 and took possession of a cell phone and what she thought was 28 grams of heroin. Atkins faces charges of criminal attempt to possess narcotics, criminal attempt to convey narcotics into a correctional institution and criminal attempt to convey a wireless communication device into a correctional institution.

Agent Juan Luis Sanchez pleaded guilty to drug smuggling, bribery, and workmen's compensation fraud.

He admitted transporting at least six loads of marijuana ranging from 376 pounds to 921 pounds in 20. Sanchez will be sentenced August 13, when he faces up to life in prison, but a plea deal with prosecutors calls for a sentence of between 10 and 15 years.