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09 Aug

pacman provides notice when these files are written.), or by a package upgrade (the package must be removed first).When the pacman database has record that a certain file owned by the package should be backed up it will create a .pacsave file.When this happens pacman outputs a message like the following: These files require manual intervention from the user and it is good practice to handle them right after every package upgrade or removal.This is the only auto-merging of new changes that pacman is capable of performing.The original package and the new package both contain exactly the same version of the file, but the version currently in the filesystem has been modified.For Gentoo, the default package manager is called Portage.

The new version is identical to the current version.

The software that is responsible for managing installed software is called a package manager.

It is the interface to the user to install and uninstall software, upgrade the system, search through the available software and help with the configuration of the various software titles.

In this section, we describe how to install software on Gentoo and what Gentoo's Portage and Portage tree are.

This chapter is very Gentoo-specific - in fact, if you're not using Gentoo or a Gentoo-derived Linux distribution, you'll find most of this chapter entertaining yet not usable.