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13 Sep

Now that Labour has reversed its opposition to a referendum - it should be easily passed by MPs.

But it will face a much stiffer test in the House of Lords where the lack of a Tory majority will allow challenges over key aspects including the question, the timing and who can vote.

Negotiations with the other 27 member states are bound to be fraught and complex and are only now beginning in earnest.

A year is considered the minimum period he will need to pull together what he hopes will be sufficient reforms to persuade the public not to sever formal ties with the bloc.

SNP leader in Westminster Angus Robertson said: 'We will make a positive case for membership of the EU and for a referendum that is fair to all, meaning that for the UK to be able to leave the European Union, each nation - England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - would have to vote to exit.Otherwise, Scotland could be dragged out against our will.The Aim: Paves the way for an In/Out referendum by 2017 at the latest.The Conservatives promised in their manifesto to end public subsidy for future onshore wind turbines, after David Cameron said people were ‘fed up’ with them being built.But the Queen’s Speech revealed the Government would consult with Scotland and Northern Ireland before making any changes to their regime.