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27 Mar

) Keddie has that inner-city bohemian combo nailed.

She’s so stylish people write entire blogs about copying her wardrobe; she’s got a social conscience, having recently trotted around Romania saving bears; and she’s smart to boot.

(In fact, as Nina Proudman she’s cerebral almost to the point of neuroticism. ) After splitting with actor Jay Bowen after 5 years of marriage, Asher’s hooked up with Melbourne-based artist Vincent Vantauzzo, who’s also painted Heath Ledger, Baz Luhrmann, celebrity chef Matt Moran and Brandon Walters from Seriously, the thing is three metres wide. Keddie took dancing lessons in Melbourne for years- that explains why she’s so damn poised, even as befuddled Nina.

Did we mention this artist boyfriend of Keddie’s is totes dreamy, too? But she dislocated her knee just before her audition for the Australian Ballet School at age 14, according to . Keddie is auntie to her sister’s two kids- but, at 38, is outspoken about her view that women don’t need kids to be successful.

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I was looking on You Tube for Asher Keddie X-Men scenes, and ended up finding this instead. According to Lord Wiki's cousin, Carol Frost was a nurse who worked for a guy named William Stryker.

Luckily, she’d landed her first acting gig in a dancewear ad whilst at ballet school, which hooked her up with an agent. It’s kind of perfect that she was named after the British actress Jane Asher (who was also gorgeous and a bit of an activist.) 4. Keddie’s been wearing a prosthetic belly while filming Offspring: her character will be 12 weeks up the duff at the start of season four. As she told The Australian Women’s Weekly: ”I admire people who can do it, don’t get me wrong. I don’t think, ‘Oh gosh, I won’t be quite there and I won’t be as successful as I want to be unless I’m juggling a couple of kids, a marriage and a career.” We’re with you, Asher.

Six awards and 20 nominations later, she’s done pretty well for someone with no formal acting training, we think… Although we won’t lie- should Keddie and Vantauzzo go down that path, the thought of mini-artistes running barefooted around inner-city Melbourne streets is pretty damn appealing.

There are people who will be overly nice to new bloggers. If any of your comments show disagreement towards them, you'll quickly become the pariah. I should really shut up and get onto learning about Asher Keddie. Then, last year, she married a guy named Vincent Fantauzzo. Keddie's anniversary to Fantauzzo is coming up in a couple of weeks.

This is when Keddie started working on Love My Way. If I remember correctly, there was a comment made about it on Bates Motel, because there Norman is named after his mother Norma.