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15 Aug

She even jokingly suggested she increase his life insurance policy! Ask if that's the problem, and then research treatments for the ailments your mate fears the most," she suggests.She finally got him to change his ways with help from family—she and his parents together convinced him to get checked out. "The fact that there are ways to solve health problems could persuade him to go to the doctor."Then, make it clear to your hubby that you're picking this fight for his well-being, not because he'd look better if he lost a few pounds, for instance. When you bring this up, focus on how much you need, love and care about him and want him to stick around for the long haul. The fight: "Don't undermine my authority in front of the kids."It's tough to be taken seriously when your children witness Dad overruling one of your decisions.It could be as innocent as him giving your son a few extra minutes playing his video game (after you've told him to power down), but if done repeatedly, the kids will catch on.

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The fight: "I feel like it's all on me, all the time."Besides growing exhausted from doing every chore on your own, you may also begin to feel like your hubby doesn't care about you if he doesn't chip in. If you're feeling unsupported, say something before you start resenting your spouse. The working mom of twins reached her boiling point when she realized she was on the go from a.m. "I told my husband, 'I'm a super mommy, but I need to take off my cape sometimes—you need to help out more,'" she says.

After a little yelling and some tears, her husband does everything she does around the house and with their twins.

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