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Just put "Returning Goods to Sender" on outside of Box & a short note of the problem; NO MINIMUM ORDER!

TIME PAYMENTS - 25% DOWN (NON REFUNDABLE) holds items for 90 days.

CONDITION: Contrary to POPULAR belief, I estimate that the AVERAGE EXISTING condition for Bronze Age comics is (A) FINE for superhero titles (B) VERY GOOD for NON-superhero titles and for superhero reprint titles Most VF copies are VERY NICE, ABOVE AVERAGE.

Most traditionally NON collected titles are SCARCE in VF or better, especially GIANTS, & all ODD formats. If you are ordering VF or NM, please state if you will take next best copy.

Vintage 1940's & 1950's Comics) For Sale HTML WESTERN - Mass Market PAPERBACKS (Vintage 1940's-1990's) For Sale HTML WESTERN MAGAZINES - TRUE WEST & Old American West - For Sale (1950's - 1990's) HTML WHITMAN Hardcover BOOKS - Inventory (1940's thru 1970's TV / Television, Western, Character's, Movie, Comic Character, Celebrity, Boys & Girls Juvenile/Children/Kids Series, Classics, Sports, Walt Disney, etc) For Sale HTML WHITMAN Pre-Pack ONLY Comics (RARE 8-12/1980) and (SCARCE 1983-1984 NO Date, NO date Code issues) Price List HTML Winnipeg Tribune Weekend Magazine (1956 thru 1988; Bonus Insert Magazine, that came with the Newspaper ) for sale; HTML WOMEN' S FASHION, Lifestyle & STYLE Magazines (1940's thru 2005 ; Chatelaine, Cosmopolitan, Flare, Glamour, In Style, Ladies Home Journal, Mademoiselle, Mc Call's, New Woman, Redbook, Seventeen, Teen, Today's Woman, VOGUE, Young Modern & MANY MORE) For Sale HTML WRESTLING and BOXING magazines (Vintage 1940's thru 2000 ) For Sale HTML All prices in USA funds (or ASK for current exchange to pay in Canadian Funds) Under US0; Canadian residents add 5% GST tax.

Manitoba residents add GST & PST tax; HST Province buyers need to add HST taxes; If not satisfied return within 7 days of Receipt!

By 1970, ’71, I was already selling back issues through mail order. Per capita, it was probably the number one comic city in Canada for 30 to 40 years.

I’d read all my comics cover-to-cover and was always looking at the ads, so I started ordering back issues over the mail to get all the older stuff. And then I just started using “Comic World” rather than “KK”. Back then I was doing newspaper articles, TV and radio would get ahold of me and then people would get ahold of me.

That’s why I started buying back issues through mail order. It was called[1981], because in the late ‘70s I’d gotten my first million comics.

If highest grade sells out (many, we have only one of each) If you are NOT EXTREMELY HAPPY with our STRICT GRADING, you can get an Easy REFUND; We are very proud of our LOW return rate (ONLY in Returns per ,000 in SALES for the Last TEN Years! Try to limit it to 25 items or less (unless common newer titles).

) Very STRICT GRADING (with CGC range strictness in mind); Mail Order since 1971; SEE the COMIC & Magazine Condition GRADING GUIDE (further down if required); In my LAST batch of 145 items that i did submit to CGC; We are a FULL-TIME MAIL ORDER ONLY WAREHOUSE (NO Retail Storefront). Good customers treated like royalty (small and big buyers alike).

Deep Space Nine, New Frontier, Next Generation, Voyager) FOR SALE; HTML STAR WEEKLY NOVELS (1941-1973 Canadian Newspaper Weekend Supplement Magazines; Most from Toronto, Ontario, Canada) = FOR SALE; HTML STEPHEN KING - (Magazines, Books & Collectibles) = In Stock, & Price List HTML SUPER-HERO, Comics & Character - MEMORABILIA & Collectibles For Sale; Price List HTML Tattoo, Ink, Skin Art Magazines in stock; For Sale HTML TENNIS Magazines (1970's thru 1990's)For Sale HTML 3-D, Three Dimensional, Index (ICG, Fantco, DC, Marvel) How to Draw, Superhero Catalogs - Comics For Sale HTML TOY SHOP Magazine (Krause Pub.

Inc.; Collector's mag for; Action Figures, Antique Toys, Banks, Barbie, Bears, Beanie Babies, Board Games, Cast Iron, Character memorabilia, Comic collectibles, Die-Cast Cars, Dolls, G. Joe, Games, Hot Wheels, Lunch Boxes, Movie, Pez, Robots, Toys, Tin Toys, TV, Vehicles, Vintage, etc) FOR SALE HTML TRACI LORDS Collectibles (Magazines, VHS Movies, etc) in stock; For Sale HTML Treasure Hunting Magazines in stock; For Sale HTML TREASURY Giant Oversized COMICS Editions - (1970's & 1980's - Marvel, DC Comics, Walt Disney & Misc.) For Sale HTML TRIB COMIC BOOK (Spider-Man, Agatha Crumm, Asterix & Obelix, Born Loser, Catfish, Doonesbury, Drabble, Emmy Lou, Frank & Ernest, Fred Basset, Funky Winkerbean, Herman, Lockhorns, Marmaduke, Mary Worth, Rex Morgan, Ronald Mc Donald, Pop Idols, Sam & Silo, Steve Roper & Mike Nomad, TITANIC, Stanley, Starhawks, Star Trek, Star Wars, Terry Brooks, Trudy, Walt Disney, Wizard of ID, Woody Allen, Ziggy) = FOR SALE; HTML TRUE DETECTIVE, Police & Crime Magazines - (1940's-1990's) For Sale HTML TRUE COMICS - (Fact, Non-Fiction, Sports 1940's-1950's - Vintage Comics) For Sale HTML TV GUIDE (National Weekly Digest Magazine, Canadian & USA Editions); Vintage 1953-2008 back issues For Sale HTML TV / Television & MOVIE books in DIGEST (small Trade Paperback) Format; (Film / Screenplay Novelizations; Kids, Juvenile, Young Adult & Adult Novels; Walt Disney; Celebrities; Scholastic & other publishers; TV Anthologies, etc) For Sale; HTML TV / Television and MOVIE magazines (Radio, Soap Opera, ET Weekly, Hollywood, Gossip, Marquee, Photoplay, Premiere, Screen, Tribute, Regional TV Guide Supplements & Related - 1940's-2000 Magazines For Sale HTML TV/Television & Related Mass Market Paperbacks - 1950's-1990's For Sale HTML UFO / Flying Saucers, Aliens, Psychic & OCCULT Magazines for sale HTML UK BRITISH ANNUALS (Comics, Movie, TV, Toys, Westerns, Music)-1950's thru 1990's For Sale HTML UK / British, Australia & Misc FOREIGN = ENGLISH Language Comics; (Alan Class, Miller, Rosnock, Spencer, Strato, Top Seller, etc)Reprints of USA Silver Age Cartoon, Horror/SF & TV comics = For Sale HTML UK BRITISH WAR & MISC Comic Digests (Western, SF, etc) - 1950's-1980's For Sale HTML UK British MARVEL Pub.