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17 Aug

cold this year, and, in preparation, asked some beautiful, Spandex-wearing Team USA Olympians (past and present) how they've successfully stayed warm during the Games.

Many of them used the opportunity to discuss what they knew of the hook-ups that famously happen in the Olympic Village during the Games.

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As I put it in my book “Love Thy Body,” at the root of moral issues is the question: What kind of cosmos do we live in? Or does the natural world reflect some kind of purpose – and behind it, a Person who loves us and has a purpose for our lives?But the reality is that joining the party often stalls their careers, as they are reduced to sex objects instead of respected as people. Yet merely exposing scandals may not “produce a revolution or a reckoning or a sea change in attitudes,” warns Jim Glassman, a journalist and former Under Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Public Affairs, in another Vanity Fair piece. A hedonistic ethic pervades all our public institutions.Universities hold sex weeks where porn stars are speakers and sex toy companies display their wares. It should surprise no one that the hookup culture is metastasizing on campuses.No wonder many people keep grabbing at more – and more extreme – sexual experiences, while finding less genuine fulfillment.And no wonder those with power feel entitled to use other people for their own gratification.