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04 Feb

We had booked our accommodation in Andhra Pradesh Tourism Guest House named ‘Haritha’ on the Beach Road. Day 2: Vizag-Borra Caves-Arku Valley- Vizag (300 km) The next day, May 8 2010, was an off day from driving and we donned our touristy cloaks and hired a local cabby for a day tour of Borra Caves and Arku Valley.

Our jaw dropped when we saw what was written there! A close look confirmed that it was just the registration number written in a font that makes one read it like a prophetic warning.It is over 150 million years old (twice as old as Himalayas) and has an impressive display of geological forces in forms of Stalagmites and Stalactitesand other limestone deposition features.It was also found to be a dwelling for primitive cavemen dating 40,000 years back. The fascinating formations were everywhere and we took a lot of time exploring the cave’s internals. As I would talk about how the Stalagmites and Stalactites formed through millions of years’ of geological chemistry, Venu would fish out his mobile and type the learning in a draft SMS!The only specs of bother were the incessant wrong-siders and numerous cows and buffaloes who would test your reflexes by embarking on a slow road crossing anytime from anywhere.Further on at Behrampore the good road stretch of 80 km ended and madness began.