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He put his hand over her mouth when she turned to him with a question and he shook his head. He pulled his cloak out of his bag and threw it on.She slid up into it when he opened it for her and flushed at being so close to him.One of the greatest strengths of Sci-Fi and Fantasy is that they can convey real-life situations in a new context by showing everyday problems, humanity's greatest challenges, and even social commentary that's ostensibly free of the prejudices and preconceptions that weigh them down in Real Life, giving us a more detached view of a given if we were aliens visiting Earth, or rather Earthlings visiting World of Weirdness.I hope it eats him up on the inside—I’m going to make sure he knows when I start fucking her.” Ginny laughed. You need to prepare for it, Gin because if you want him to invest himself in you—you’re going to have to do a bonding spell of your own.” Ginny scoffed. They had a least two hours to curfew as they’d quickly discovered that hiding DA meetings were easier if they weren’t all running for their dorms at curfew. “You can look up the various sorts of promises and bonds available to us in the library.” “You’d do that for me? “Of course but keep in mind that you aren’t the only one they’re plotting against.

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IMPORTANT NOTE: Sometimes a writer will put their characters through an interesting dilemma / character development that is only made possible by the fantastic setting, but has no intended bearing on the real world.

ADDITIONAL IMPORTANT NOTE: Something does not become a Fantastic Aesop simply because it falls apart when interpreted literally; many works introduce or advocate aesops indirectly through allegory, allusion, or symbolism.

Title: The Pendragon Legacy Author: Keira Marcos Fandom: Harry Potter Pairing: Harry/Hermione Rating: R (eventually) Notes: Of course I’m going to bash Ron and Ginny.

“Though, honestly, you know Mum thinks you could do much better than Hermione. “He leaves her alone because he thinks I have a crush on her but he her. I thought you knew and were ignoring it to discourage me.” “No, I didn’t know.” She moved closer to him, shifted up on her toes just a little and pressed her mouth against his. Their lips met again and again in soft sweet kisses until she couldn’t think, didn’t want to think. The evidence of which was pressing against her tummy and it was kind of exciting. You got so upset last year with him about the Yule Ball.” “I…” She huffed. “You be old enough to pledge yourself—make a magical promise.

She’s about all he wants on this whole planet and I deserve to get something he wants. “Hell if I know but he does and that’s what I’ve been telling you since second year. Harry dropped his bag on the floor and she did the same. But you can’t be taking it back so be sure.” “We’ve got a bit to decide,” Harry said and squeezed her hand gently.